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18 Sep 2023

Quick release simplifies insertion and removal of wires for fast, safe and secure operation.
Connects solid and stranded wires within same housing for versatile wire management.
Accepts 12 AWG solid wire and 14 - 28 AWG stranded wire.
Clear housing eases inspection with visual verification that wires have been inserted properly.
HelaCon Plus Mini, Push-In Style Wire Connector, Double Spring, 2-Port, (PC), Yellow, 500/pkg
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11 Sep 2023

Using Amphenol Pcd's Band Lock Adapter is another method of termination of screens. A high quality band will do the job in this backshell. Tempered bands are tightened over the shields, which is pulled over the banding area, using special assembly tools. Suitable over cover by heat shrink boot or some other method as chosen by the designer could be used. Both crimp ring and banded terminations give a low DC resistance.
Both individual and overall shieldings can be terminated in this type ..
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04 Sep 2023

Power Resistor for Mounting onto a Heatsink Thick Film Technology RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MOUNTING ONTO A HEATSINK
Surfaces in contact must be carefully cleaned.
The heatsink must have an acceptable flatness: From 0.05 mm to 0.1 mm/100 mm.
Roughness of the heatsink must be around 6.3 µm. In order to improve thermal conductivity, surfaces in contact (alumina,heatsink) should be coated with a silicone grease (type Bluesil Past 340 from BlueStar Silicones) or a thermal film (..
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28 Aug 2023

The uPOL module is non-isolated dc-dc converter that can deliver up to 1.0A of output current. The PWM switching regulator, high frequency power inductor, input/output bulk capacitors are integrated in one hybrid package. The module has automatic operation with PWM mode and power saving mode according to loading. Other features include remote enable function, internal soft-start, non-latching over current protection, short circuit protection and input under voltage locked-out capability. The ..
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21 Aug 2023

Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET – EliteSiC,14 mohm, 1200V, M3P,D2PAK-7L The new family of 1200V M3P planar SiC MOSFETs is optimized for power applications. Planar technology works reliably with negative gate voltage drive and turn off spikes on the gate. This family has optimum performance when driven with 18V gate drive but also works well with 15V gate drive.
D2PAK-7L package for low common source inductance
15V to 18V Gate Drive
New M3P technology: 14mo..
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